I'm Back.

I hope you all remember who I am. I kind of ditched you all,sorry about that. Sometimes in life we just grow up,and need a new start. Well,I wanted to apologize for just stopping this blog,and maybe some of you heard about my new lifestyle blog http://sadeveraux.wordpress.com/. I'm so happy right now in my life,but I realized while cleaning this blog up a bit,I miss you guys a lot,and this blog. I have a lot of going on,with my new blog,and school,and being healthy.I don't think I can handle another full time blog. But I don't want to give up on this one again,so I'll be posting inspirational fashion photos on here,how does that sound? I am really sorry guys!



Prabal Gurung showed his Spring 2014 collection,and it is bright. There are a few pieces I would wear, but the rest are not really my style. The reason why I'm bringing this collection up is, because it reminded me of a comic book. I'm a huge DC Comics fan and for some odd reason this reminded me of a comic book. The bright colors, and models makeup looked like something out of a DC Comic. Cleveland Comic Con is coming up and I will be cosplaying as Harley Quinn. This collection has helped me come up with some original ideas for my costume. Below are some photos, look at the resemblances.


Killer Frost

Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy

Photos from various sources,they do not belong to me.

You guys have the right to feel beautiful.I would love it if you guys followed my blog.

 Love -S.A.


I'll be away

Hey guys!

I wanted to let you know what's going on. I will be stopping this blog. I haven't been feeling inspired,or happy with The Fashion Wheel. I'm going to be back in September. Hopefully things will be better.

See you soon!


Just Want to Relax

Just an easy breezy summer outfit.

Alexander Wang
J Brand

You guys have the right to feel beautiful.I would love it if you guys followed my blog. Love -Shalida Ann